A Critical Review of the Lightweight 82″ Poker Table

The 82″ Poker Table – Lightweight with position for 10 players is a standard poker table that can be used as a home poker table. This is a full size Texas Holdem table but it is categorized in the light category. This lightweight feature of the table makes it very portable and many home poker owners prefer this table over other poker tables in the same category. The weight of this table is 60 lbs which makes it one of the lightest poker tables in its category. If this was not enough, the table has folding legs which makes it very portable. You can only use the table during the weekends.

The 82″ Poker Table-Lightweight comes with cup holders. During the weekends when players are playing long games, they can keep sipping to their favorite mocha and enjoy their games. The wooden exterior frame adds to the stability of the table and makes it durable. This table can go on for a long time if it is maintained properly. I would suggest owners to take little care for this 82″ Poker Table – Lightweight so that you can enjoy the benefits for a long time.

The table also has padded armrests which makes it very comfortable for the players during long games. The 82″ PokerTable-Lightweight measures 82″*42″ which is the standard size for a poker table. This table does not have a classy design but at the same time it has standard looks. The table can be used for tournaments as much as it can be used in the house. The table also has a full set of bumper pads covered with high grade mildew resistant black vinyl.

The vinyl gives a shining look to the bumper pads. The top of the table is made of casino style high grade green felt. It is advisable for the table owners to gently dust the top of the table after a day’s play. This will help to keep the felt in shape for a long time.

Think this table is a good deal. If you feel that this price is high then you have something to cheer about. Now this is a cheap price for a table which has all the good features of a poker table. The table does not have a dealer tray, which is where it misses out from other tables. When it comes to giving points, I would give this table a ranking of 8 out of 10. The 8 points is because of the lightweight factor and the other standard features that this table comes with.

So, if you are looking at a lightweight poker table for your home you can choose the 82″ Poker Table – Lightweight. At the price point which it sells, this table will definitely be a good buy. Users have given many positive reviews for this table.

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